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You Deserve Quality Automotive Detailing At A Competitive Price

Do you need the inside and outside of your vehicle to detailed to look its best?
Most Kenny's auto detail customers don’t have the time, patience or expertise for a professional auto detailing service?
Choose Kenny’s Auto Detail, INC. for quality auto detail service at a competitive price.

We all know the smell and look of a new car. You’ve seen it at new car dealerships. And here’s a shocking fact you may have forgotten. Your vehicle deserves that same professional detail.

You spend most of your time in your vehicle. And you’ve invested good money to keep it running. We both know you need to keep it running and looking great. If you are looking for a detailer to service your car or truck then its important to know that
Kenny's Auto Detail is considered one of Seattle's premier auto detailing services. 

But there aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of it the way you’d like. And you’re watching your budget. You deserve an auto detail service that’s professional, thorough and economical.


Auto Detail and Restoration Shoreline, WA.



Your vehicle is a reflection of……  


• Personal Style  

• Self-Confidence  

• Respect on the Road

• Tradition & Historical Legacy

Here are some important reasons to have your vehicle professionally detailed today.



The Top 7 Reasons
To Have Your
Vehicle Professionally Detailed

Reason #1: Increased Resale Value You can increase the asking price for your vehicle, by having it professionally detailed. A detailed vehicle shows potential buyers your car is better maintained than others. This is true for all makes and models. Think about the last time you searched for a new vehicle. Which one caught your eye? It was the one with less wear, tear and odors. Plus it was pleasing to your eye. Potential buyers like to know they’re getting value for their hard earned money. Increase your chances of pocketing extra cash with a professional auto detail.


Reason #2: Saves Time It takes 2-4 hours or more to detail a regular size car. More time is needed for trucks and SUV’s. What could you get done if someone else was spending the time to completely detail your vehicle? Let us save you time and energy, by properly detailing your car. Use your time for more important things.


Reason #3: Important Events Imagine picking up that someone special for a hot date. When they step into your car, what do you want them to see? Don’t get caught looking less than your best! From date nights to weddings, we’ll make sure your vehicle looks and smells perfect for any special occasion.


Reason #4: Business Use Do you have a transportation business? Establish your professional reputation with a detailed auto cleaning for your service fleet. We’ll thoroughly clean any type of service vehicle. These include limousines, vans, trucks and more. No vehicle is too big or small for our Auto Detail Experts.


Reason #5: Remove Offensive Odors Nothing is more embarrassing than offensive smells in your vehicle. Who wants to ride in a vehicle that smells like a fast food restaurant? Our quality detail services will remove any odors in your vehicle. It doesn’t matter how long or where they’ve been hiding. Our Auto Detail Experts will locate and eliminate these offensive odors. Unlike less experienced detailers, we can get to those hard to reach odors and spots. Make sure your vehicle smells as good as you do!


Reason #6: Protect Exterior Finish Pollution, Corrosion, acid rain and UV rays from the sun attack your vehicle’s finish. Industrial fallout penetrates your vehicle’s surface leaving the finish ruff and gritty. Corrosion is most visible on light colored vehicles. The vehicle’s surface can be affected by “spider webbing.” These are swirls and surface scratches most visible on dark colored vehicles. They’re the result of improper washing. Rubbing and polishing with abrasive cleaners, compounds and the sun will cause the paint to oxidize without a long lasting protective coating.


Reason #7: Protect Interior Finish Dust, dirt, exhaust and odors are absorbed into your cars interior surfaces. Eventually that new car look and smell are gone. Visible soiling and discoloration accumulates on fabric, vinyl and leather surfaces. You can preserve and protect your vehicle’s interior from premature wear and tear, with annual treatments. Since 1978 we’ve provided quality auto detail services for all makes and models of……

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUV’s

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Don’t trust just any auto detailing shop with your vehicle.
For 32 years, we’ve been the preferred quality auto detail company in Seattle.
Contact an Auto Detail Expert today at 206-368-7599.

I guarantee your vehicle will get quality auto detail service at a competitive price!
Sincerely, Kenny Marshall, Jr.

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