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You and your vehicle deserve excellent auto detailing service.


When you trust Kenny's to detail your vehicle, you’ll get the best service possible.


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Our preffered Car & Truck detail cleaning service is based on:


At Kenny’s Auto Detail, INC. “Experience is Everything.” Our Auto Detail Experts are experienced in…………

    • Removing hard to reach stains and odors
    • Thoroughly cleaning and detailing all makes and models of vehicles
    • Advising you on annual detail maintenance plans for your vehicle
    • And more than we can list here



Few people take pride in what they do. But you won’t have to worry about that at Kenny’s Auto Detail, INC. For 32 years we’ve perfected the art of auto detailing. From an Engine to Ultimate Detail, your vehicle won’t leave without quality auto detail service.



I developed my craft and passion for auto detailing at new car dealerships in Seattle. Once I perfected my passion it was time to take it to the next level. Since 1978 I’ve surrounded myself with people who are passionate about auto detailing.

We put passion into every vehicle we service. You’ll leave fully satisfied with the way your vehicle looks, smells and feels!

Here’s a Price List of our quality auto detail services.


Ultimate Detail

(One of the finest auto details in Seattle!)


  • Steam cleaning of top and bottom of engine
  • Steam cleaning of wheels and wheel wells, door jams and trunk jam
  • Three stage buff
  • Complete shampoo of interior, including the trunk
  • Complete cleaning of leather, vinyl and vent cleaning
  • 3M scotch guarding and leather care treatment
  • Paint sealant and Rainex window treatment

Cars: $269.95
Trucks: $279.95
SUV’s: $299.95


Executive Detail

(Kenny’s most popular detail!)


  • Steam cleaning engine, wheels and wheel wells
  • Door jams and trunk jam
  • Three stage buff and 100% pure Carnauba Finish Wax
  • Complete shampoo of interior including the trunk
  • Complete cleaning of leather and vinyl

Cars: $199.95
Trucks: $209.95
SUV’s: $239.95


One Shot Detail


  • Complete wash, door jams and wheels
  • Three stage buff and wax
  • Shampoo carpets, dress vinyl and windows

Cars: $159.95
Trucks: $169.95
SUV’s: $199.95


Exterior Detail


  • Clean wheels, wash, vacuum and windows
  • Three stage buff and wax with 100% Carnauba Finish Wax

Cars: $109.95
Trucks: $119.95
SUV’s: $139.95


Interior Detail


  • Shampoo interior
  • Clean and dress vinyl or leather
  • Clean vents, windows and door jams
  • Wash vehicle and dress tires

Cars: $99.95
Trucks: $119.95
SUV’s: $139.95


Quick Stop Detail


  • Hand wash, vacuum and clean windows

Cars: $29.95
Trucks: $32.95
SUV’s: $35.95

Used Car Undercoat


  • Steam clean under body and undercoat

$169.95 (All Vehicles)

Engine Detail


  • Steam clean engine top and bottom

Cars: $65.95
Trucks: $75.95
SUV’s: $75.95


Contact an Auto Detail Expert today at 206-368-7599.


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